**Please note:  a deposit confirmation letter, along with your Redlands id/password, will be mailed to your home address. Most of the applications and forms on these web pages, requires this information.**

New Freshman Checklist - Start Here!

It is important you complete the required items below by the stated deadlines so your Fall registration is not delayed!

  1. Pay your admissions deposit. If you have not paid your deposit, please STOP and contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@redlands.edu or 1-909-748-8074
  2. Review the First Year Seminars and themes and enter  your top ten First Year Seminar preferences  into the First Year Seminar Form  under Applications and Forms on the MyRedlands Housing portal. Please note some seminar choices affect your housing placement. Deadline is May 12, 2017, however, we continue to accept applications as students deposit.
  3. Watch the New Student Checklist Housing Portal Tour.
  4. Review the "All About Housing" information and enter your top five community preferences on the New Student Housing Intention Form under Applications and Forms on the MyRedlands Housing portal. Due May 12, 2017, however, we continue to accept applications as students deposit.
    1. The last five questions of this form are the Off Campus Petition for new students. No further action is needed to petition to live off campus.
    2. Housing assignments are processed on a rolling basis throughout May and June with notifications sent to your University email account in early July.
    3. Visit "How to Select Your Room" for more information.
  5. Complete your housing Personal Profile for Fall 2017 by clicking Update Information in the dropdown on the MyRedlands Housing portal. Due May 12, 2017, however, we continue to accept applications as students deposit. The information you provide about your living preferences here will assist in roommate pairing.
  6. Review the meal plan information and Bon Appétit Meal Plan Brochure and make your selection under Meal Plans on the MyRedlands Housing portal. 
  7. Complete the "Math Placement" questionnaire. Due June 29.
  8. Complete the Health Insurance Verification FormHealth Insurance brochure. Insurance Snapshot. Due June 9 (extended to June 29)
  9. Complete the Medical History Questionnaire. Due June 9 (extended to July 24).
  10. Submit your Immunization Verification Form (print and give to your doctor) to the Student Health Center.  Due June 9 (extended to July 24)
  11. Complete the Financial Responsibility form. Fill out online then print, sign and fax or mail to the address on the form. Due June 9, 2017 (extended to July 24).
  12. Complete all 5 assessments in the “Self-Assessment” module within the FOCUS 2 academic planning and professional development platform. Please review the information and follow the instructions outlined here. Due June 9, 2017 (extended to July 24).
  13. (Optional) Review the First Year Journey information, then complete the First Year Journey ApplicationDue June 15, 2017.
  14. (Optional) Redlands Connections Day on July 8! Your reservation is due June 26, 2017.
  15. Make plans to attend the mandatory New Student Orientation Wednesday, August 30 - Monday, September 4!  (Parent's portion of the program runs from Wednesday through Thursday afternoon.)
  16. (Optional) Complete and submit the Authorization for Release of Information (FERPA) form. Submit ASAP to the Registrar's Office.
  17. Send your final transcripts to the Admissions office by August 11, 2017.


What's Next?

  • Join the Class of 2021 Facebook page!

  • You will receive communications throughout the summer that include reminders of anything we still need from you. Also, by going to my.redlands.edu you can check the "My Documents" link in WebAdvisor to track any outstanding items.

  • You should receive a letter from your First Year Seminar instructor informing you of your final First Year Seminar selection mid-July.

  • Housing assignment notifications will be sent out early July to your Redlands email address.

  • Redlands Connections Day is July 8.
  • You should receive your first eStatement by the second week of July.

  • In mid-August all students will be required to complete an online course that covers important safety information about topics that affect everyone, including alcohol use, healthy relationships, and sexual misconduct.  The course takes approximately two hours to complete.  Students will receive the course link and all necessary information via their Redlands email.

  • For parents: Consider a membership with Town and Gown!
  • Parent's Day/Homecoming is in October!
Important Phone Numbers:

909-748-8359 - Academic Advising
909-748-8069 - Academic Support Services
909-748-8074 - Admissions Office
909-748-8021 - Health Center
909-748-8053 - Housing Office
909-748-8030 - Professional Development
909-748-8019 - Registrar's Office
909-748-8047 - Student Financial Services
909-748-8053 - Student Life Office/New Student Orientation